Arabesque is a lively contemporary dance association for students in Enschede situated at University Twente. We offer training/lessons for motivated dancers who are looking for creative challenge in the spirit of contemporary dance. The association gives opportunities for developing creativity, physical awareness and performance skills through classes taught by a professional teacher, both lesson embrace the principles of contemporary dance:

Technical lesson: Relaxation to excitement! In our technical lesson you increase body awareness, develop a strong centre, precision and deeper understanding of the principles of contemporary dance. We begin each lesson with a “mindfulness” exercise to prepare the interconnection between body/mind for moving, the lesson builds through a warm up to traveling through the space and concludes with a dynamic dance sequence where you can enjoy moving across, in and out of the floor with ease and skill. 

Creative lesson: Imagination and inspiration lie at the heart of Arabesque! Contemporary dance encourages expression and personal interpretation, in our creative lesson you gain the tools and experience to create and perform your own dances. These classes offer a range of opportunities to explore the richness and diversity of improvisation and composing your own dances. 

Arabesque organises an annual show where members perform the dances they have created/designed themselves throughout the year. 

Lessons/training take place on Tuesday evenings in the sports centre of university campus and are taught by a professional teacher. Groups are divided by level of experience. Contemporary dance by nature is an inclusive genre, dancers from all backgrounds and experience are are welcome. In the following promofilm you can see a snapshot of our association.

If you interested to tryout a lesson please contact us to find out what group/level would suits your experience. 

Are you curious about modern dancing and want to try a lesson? Check our lesson schedule en feel free to try a lessons!

Do you have any questions? Feel free to write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , both English and Dutch is possible.
You also can find us on facebook and on youtube.